Image 3

BIS Ch Donskoi Tallin Ow: Mr & Mrs R Ridge-Reeves

RBIS Nibrass Golden Saylah Ow: Miss H Kanoo

Image 7
Image 5

RBCC Borscana Excessive BCC Nibrass Golden Saylah Ow. Ms L Edland & Ow: Miss H Kanoo Mrs L Worthy

RDCC Tschernigow Kalinow at DCC Ch Donskoi Tallin Stubbylee JW ShCm (Imp) Ow. Mr & Mrs Ow. Mr & Mrs Dawson Ridge-Reeves

Image 2

BVIS Stubbylee Fields of Gold BPIS Nibrass Hiroyuki Ow: Mr & Mrs Dawson Sanada Ow: Miss H Kanoo

Image 6

RBVIS Ch Santerman Spark to RBPIS Rothesby Winter a Flame Rose Ow: Mrs M Masterman & Ow: Mrs S Carter Mr J Robson